The REESE Program


Established by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2006, the Research and Evaluation on Education in Science and Engineering (REESE) program advances research at the frontiers of STEM education and evaluation, and provides the foundational knowledge necessary to improve STEM teaching and learning at all educational levels and in all settings. The Center for Advancing Research and Communication (ARC) maintains this website to provide information about and build community among the over 300 projects across the U.S. funded under the REESE program. Learn more


What You Need to Know

The ECR program provides funding in foundational research areas that are broad, essential and enduring. EHR seeks proposals in the following core areas: STEM learning, STEM learning environments, workforce development, and broadening participation in STEM. Deadline is September 8.

The live event took place May 11-15. You can still view and read the discussions about the 112 videos that showcase cutting-edge NSF-funded work to improve teaching and learning in STEM.

The DRK-12 program invites proposals that address immediate challenges that are facing preK-12 STEM education as well as those that anticipate radically different structures and functions of pre-K 12 teaching and learning. Full proposals are due December 7.

The ADVANCE program (1) develops systemic approaches to increase the representation of women in STEM careers and (2) contributes to the general knowledge base on gender equity in STEM disciplines. Required letters of intent are due Oct 5 and Nov 5.