REESE CyGaMEs Project a Winner in the 2012 International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge

REESE PI Debbie Denise Reese is proud to announce that the Selene videogame created by the CyGaMEs project at the Center for Educational Technologies at Wheeling Jesuit University has earned top honors in the games and apps category of the International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge, a highly competitive contest jointly sponsored by NSF and Science magazine. This latest competition received more than 200 entries from 18 countries. In Selene: A Lunar Construction Game, players learn difficult geological concepts like accretion, differentiation, impact cratering and volcanism by applying these science concepts through gameplay that helps players move toward the game's final goal of building the Earth's Moon. Players construct the Moon, then blast it with impact craters and flood it with lava to experience how our Moon formed and changed over time. All through the game Selene tracks each player's behavior to measure learning and the player's response to the game environment. You can learn more about Selene and the CyGaMEs project here.