Released: New Reports from the 2012 National Survey of Science and Mathematics Education

Horizon Research, Inc. ( just released several new reports from the 2012 National Survey of Science and Mathematics Education, including a series of reports describing the status of science/mathematics teaching at the different grade levels (e.g., elementary science, middle school mathematics, high school physics). You can find the reports here:

The 2012 National Survey is the fifth in a series of surveys dating back to 1977. The study provides current data on essential elements of the K-12 science and mathematics education system in the United States, including:

  • Instructional/assessment practices of science and mathematics teachers, and how well these align with current understanding of learning.
  • Factors that shape teachers’ decisions about content and pedagogy.
  • Characteristics of the science/mathematics teaching force in terms of race, gender, age, content background, beliefs about teaching and learning, and perceptions of preparedness.
  • The most commonly used textbooks/programs, and how they are used.
  • Formal and informal opportunities science/mathematics teachers have for ongoing development of their knowledge and skills.
  • How resources for science/mathematics education, including well-prepared teachers and course offerings, are distributed among schools in different types of communities and different socioeconomic levels.