Meetings of Interest to REESE Projects

Following are dates of upcoming meetings that may be of interest to REESE projects. If you are organizing or are aware of other activities of potential interest to the REESE community, please let us know and we will add them to the list. Thank you!

October 22 (Mon) - October 27 (Thur)

Minneapolis, Minnesota

November 1 (Fri) -
 November 3 (Sun)
National Science Teachers Association
Atlanta, Georgia
December 6 (Thu) -
 December 8 (Sat)
National Science Teachers Association
Phoenix, Arizona

January 5 (Sat) -
 January 9 (Wed)
American Association of Physics Teachers
New Orleans, Louisiana
January 9 (Wed) -
 January 12 (Sat)
Association for Science Teacher Education
Charleston, South Carolina
February 14 (Thu) -
 February 18 (Mon)
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Boston, Massachusetts
February 28 (Thu) -
 March 2 (Sat)
American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
Orlando, Florida
March 7 (Thu) -
 March 9 (Sat)
March 7 (Thu) -
 March 9 (Sat)

Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness
Washington, DC
International Technology and Engineering Educators Association
Columbus, Ohio
March 11 (Mon) -
 March 13 (Wed)

Consortium of School Networking
San Diego, California

March 14 (Thu) -
 March 16 (Sat)
Computer-Using Educators
Palm Springs, California
March 25 (Mon) -
 March 29 (Fri)
Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education
New Orleans, Louisiana
April 6 (Sat) -
 April 9 (Tue)
National Association for Research in Science Teaching
Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
April 11 (Thu) -
 April 14 (Sun)
National Science Teachers Association
San Antonio, Texas                      
April 17 (Wed) -
 April 20 (Sat)
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Denver, Colorado
April 27 (Sat) -
 May 1 (Wed)
American Educational Research Association
San Francisco, California
May 29 (Wed) -
 May 31 (Fri)

American Economic Association
Chicago, Illinois
June 23 (Sun) -
 June 26 (Wed)
June 23 (Sun) -
 June 26 (Wed)
American Society for Engineering Education
Atlanta, Georgia
International Society for Technology in Education
San Antonio, Texas
June 24 (Mon) -
 June 28 (Fri)
Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
October 19 (Sat) -
 October 22 (Tue)
Association of Science-Technology Centers
Albuquerque, New Mexico
October 24 (Thu) -
 October 26 (Sat)
National Science Teachers Association
Portland, Oregon
November 7 (Thu) -
 November 9 (Sat)
National Science Teachers Association
Charlotte, North Carolina

December 12 (Thu) -
 December 14 (Sat)
National Science Teachers Association
Denver, Colorado