ARC Needs Assessment

As part of our cooperative agreement with NSF, ARC has been asked to conduct a “needs assessment” to learn, from a PI perspective, what supports would be helpful both to individual projects and to the program as a whole to ensure REESE achieves its mission of “focusing on core scientific questions of learning in real and emerging educational contexts, from childhood through adulthood, and from before school through to graduate school and beyond into the workforce” (NSF 07-595). ARC conducts in-depth personal interviews with a sample of REESE projects in order to learn more about the kinds of activities and services they think it most important for the REESE programmatic support center to provide.

We will prepare a report sharing the results of this needs assessment process with REESE PIs and program officers. The suggestions PIs offer will be important in deciding with NSF the structure and content of future PI meetings, the development of online services to share information with and about REESE projects, and the services ARC is authorized to make available to the REESE community. Projects also have the opportunity to request an individual technical assistance consultation with ARC investigators to help resolve issues surfaced in the interview.