CAREER: Fostering "Mathematical Practices" in Urban Classrooms: Focus on Representation and Justification

Principal Investigator: 
Project Overview
Background & Purpose: 

This project studies student learning of the practices of representation and justification, including difficulties that students face, across mathematics topics, in the classroom setting.


City College of New York and New York Public Schools.

Research Design: 

This project has a longitudinal research design and will generate evidence that is descriptive [design research and observational]. Original data are being collected on middle school mathematics students and teachers using assessments of learning [tests on mathematics performance], observation [personal observation and videography], and survey research [paper & pencil and face-to-face questionnaires]. The effect of teacher training will be evaluated using quantitative (descriptive statistics) analysis of survey data and qualitative analysis of video and interview data.


The project has identified patterns in students’ representational practices and connections between these representational practices and justification.

Publications & Presentations: 

Imm, K. & Stylianou, D., & Chae, N. (2008). Student Representations at the Center: A Consideration of Equity. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, 13, 458-463

Stylianou, D. A. (2010). Teachers' Conceptions of Representation in the Context of Middle School Mathematics. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, 13 (4), 325-343.

Stylianou, D. A. (to appear). An examination of middle school students’
representation practices in mathematical problem solving through the lens of expert work: Towards an organizing scheme. Educational Studies in Mathematics.