Webinar on Item Response Theory (IRT)

On November 18, 2009, ARC and REL-Midwest hosted a webinar on Item Response Theory (IRT) for the REESE community. IRT experts Kimberly Maier, Assistant Professor of Measurement and Quantitative Methods at Michigan State University, and Andrew Swanlund, Senior Research Associate and Psychometrician at Learning Points Associate, presented on the following topics:

  • Rationale for IRT/Rasch methods
  • The 1PL/Rasch Dichotomous Model
  • The Rasch Rating Scale Model
  • Psychometric Analysis/Diagnostics
  • Advanced IRT Models

We have made available online a PDF of the presentation, as well as list of related IRT resources and answers to questions posed during the webinar that Kim and Andrew have prepared. If you wish to listen to their presentation, a recording of the webinar is archived here.